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What is the Best Way to Tune Your Ski & Snowboard Gear?

Do you like to go fast on the ski slopes? Yeah, so do I. One thing that can help make your skis and snowboards last longer is a regular sharpen and wax. I usual get my gear tuned up every 7 times I go to the mountain. This will help get rid of any scratches you get on the base of your skis and boards. After a long summer in the garage, you may see some rust on the edges. This will also help get rid of the crud.

What do I need to tune my own ski and snowboard equipment?

You can easily wax your board with a simple rub-on wax, but that will only help you stay slick on the hill for a couple runs. If you want to do it right, you will need a couple of things.A tuning iron will run you approximately $50, or $300 if you want to get fancy. You will also need some ski and snowboard wax which starts at around $10. Also, an edger starts at around $30 for a legitimate one that will not destroy your edges. Now you need the knowledge and some more brushes and corks and all together, you need to invest a good amount of money if you want to do it right.

Get a Shop to Tune Your Board

If you do not have the money or the time to invest into tuning your own skis and boards, you can always stop by your local shop and ask them to tune your equipment. Most shops will most likely do a better job and use the best equipment on the market to do it. McAfee Ski and Snowboard in Vernon, NJ offers a full Stone Grind sharpen and wax for only $39.95.The Stone Grind will get rid of most little scratches in the base of your skis or boards, and clean out all the dirt that you pick up when flying down the mountain. Yes, snow is dirty so you need to clean your equipment.The sharpening will help get those edges smooth and sharp to help you grip to the icy hill. This also helps get all the little nicks out of the edge of the board to help you slide down the hill in record time.Wax. Without wax, your gear will look dry and will barely move on the snow. You can use a universal wax that works at any temperature. Some of us snow geeks will use a special combination or a specific wax for the snow temperature. If you are not racing for Olympic gold; you do not need to become a mad scientist, grab a simple wax and go have fun!